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For Customers:
Q. What is EveningFlavors?
Ans: EveningFlavors being one of its kind lifestyle portals in India dedicated to Food & Beverages industry intends to bring together food & party enthusiasts of cities together, revolutionize the dining and party experience in the city by the effective usage of platform - www.eveningflavors.com. Currently with its Bangalore Edition EveningFlavors is providing free services like online table booking and party planning. One can also book for an ongoing event through our site.

Be the part of dining revolution, do what you like the most, visit, clubs, parties and restaurants in city and share your experience to large number of people who are looking for it.

Q. Is it a free service?
Ans: All the online/offline services including table bookings and party planning are free.

Q. Why should I use EveningFlavors?
Ans: EveningFlavors can meet your search for restaurant for all purpose. We don't limit ourselves only to that, we also keep informing our users about different events, parties and offers being provided by different restaurants with facility of online booking. To make your search all the more efficient, we provide you the menu with the rates of food items, so that you can make a wise decision.

Q. When can I use EveningFlavors?
Ans: You can use Eveningflavors to know about -
            - A restaurant or pub
            - Special offers
            - Events and parties
            - To book a table or organize a party

Q. How do I book a table?
Ans: You simply have to go to the restaurant profile page and book your table directly.

Q. Why should I book through EveningFlavors when it can be done on call?
Ans: With EveningFlavors you get a whole list of restaurants to choose from, with details of menu and price. Different offers can also be viewed by you. EveningFlavors guarantees you a confirm booking. We can also make special arrangements which you want us to make. We want you to make the best decision when you are planning an outing.

Q. How do I request to plan a party?
Ans: You can simply click on 'plan a party', choose your type of party and we will meet your requirement. You can also tell us what extra can we do for you to make your party special.

Q. Do I need to register?
Ans: You don't need to register for accessing any information available on the site. But if You want EveningFlavors reservation services, you have to register with us. In any cases all services are absolutely free of cost.

Q. How do I search a restaurant?
Ans: We have provided our users with two types of search-
Quick search : Just enter the name of the restaurant or area or both and the Pandora box opens displaying you the required result.
Restaurant Finder : This is the guided search which will give you our set options for area, cuisine ambience and cost. This is also used to search offers which are available on our site.

Q. What is "Quick Search"?
Ans: "Quick Search" makes your search all the more easy. Just type the name of the restaurant and area and you will be provided with all the information about the ambiance, cuisine and price. Booking option is also present in the same page.

Q. I didn't find the restaurant on EveningFlavors, what should I do?
Ans: Click on 'suggest a restaurant', tell us the name of the restaurant you are looking for or you already know and we will get back to you with the complete information.

Q. How do I receive the offers and information of restaurants in my area?
Ans: On our Web site there is a link which says, 'Tell me when' and 'Tell me where'. If you login with us there, we will regularly send you the updates about offers and restaurants in your area in your mail box.

Q. Does EveningFlavors provide special offers?
Ans: EveningFlavors provides you with information about special offers for different restaurants only exclusive to EveningFlavors members. You just need to book and avail these offers through us.

Q. How do I review a restaurant?
Ans: EveningFlavors provides you Restaurant Reviews - Go to restaurant Review on the home page. There you will be asked to fill the restaurant name and restaurant area, fill the details, then you will see the restaurant/restaurants name with pictures then click on the review and read/write reviews.

Q. What is EveningFlavors club?
Ans: EveningFlavors club is for all the foodies. It is our attempt to bring all the foodies together. We together can help people know better about restaurants and different types of food in Bangalore through our own experience and this surely will be valuable to the food and beverages industry.

Q. How do I invite my good friends to a restaurant for hangout?
Ans: When you choose a restaurant, on top of the page you can see the link ' Invite friends'. This link will help you invite as many people you want to with just a click on the mouse.

Q. I have no clue of the where-about of restaurant and I am sure to forget if I have to remember, what should I do?
Ans: EveningFlavors provides you information about the restaurant along with a map,which will help you to locate the place. We also provide you with the print option, so that you can carry the map along with you and refer to it when needed.

Q. How do I become EveningFlavors member?
Ans: Just use the simple 'Register Me' link and you will be the valued member of EveningFlavors.

Q. Can I change my account Information?
Ans: Yes you can change your account information as you want all you need to do is just log in and you will find Edit option click on that change your account information.

Q. Is my Phone number and eMail-Id visible socially?
Ans: We leave the decision to you. Your information won't appear to people of you don't want to. The option will be provided to you at the time of registration..

Q. How do I change the password?
Ans: Just click on edit and in next page you will find "Change Password" option click on that and change your Password.You can get The Password even if you forgot your Password click on 'forgot password' and follow the procedure. You can get a new password done in no time.

Q. How do I know about the latest development on EveningFlavors?
Ans: We keep updating ourselves in our blog. To know about our latest developments you can visit our blog.
For Restaurants:
Q. How can we appear on EveningFlavors?
Ans: You can get your restaurant registered by getting in touch with us by filling up this Sign-Up form or by giving us a call at +918039511628. Our representative will contact you and take the necessary information.

Q. How will my presence on a Web site help my restaurant?
Ans: Your presence on a Web site will help you to get known among foodies of bangalore by
            - Increasing your market reach.
            - Promoting your offers and specialties.
            - Promoting your restaurant profile with necessary information like Maps and Menu.
            - Using economical advertising methods.

Q. How long does it take to get registered on EveningFlavors?
Ans: Once you have signed up/chosen for EveningFlavors and we receive your information, your profile page will get set-up within a span of 48 hrs.

Q. Are there any advertising benefits from EveningFlavors?
Ans: EveningFlavors is a famous site among foodies and party animals. Our site provides booking facilities to them and we also advertise your offers and discounts. Advertising with EveningFlavors will help you to be known among authentic foodies and party goers. Being a favored site people prefer to go to restaurants which are present at our site. You being one of them will put you in the good books of foodies.

Q. Do I have to setup anything?
Ans: No, you don't have to setup anything but you will surely receive a login id from our end which will help you manage your restaurant profile for your purpose.

Q. Can I register even if I don't want online table booking?
Ans: Yes. However you will miss the leads generated by online table booking and party planning.

Q. How do I promote my restaurant?
Ans: We will showcase your restaurant
            - in Weekend attractions which have the maximum hit counts.
            - By highlighting your special offers and discounts.
            - By including your profile and specialties in the weekly newsletters.
            - By suggesting your restaurants to customers query for particular type of cuisine, ambience or
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