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Get Together Services

In our busy schedule, we hardly get time for our family and friends. A get together is one such occasion where all the close and known people spend some quality time with each other. This togetherness needs to be celebrated. people spend some quality time with each other. This togetherness needs to be celebrated.


To make the party a hit, the mood has to be set. What else can contribute more to the mood than a perfect location? Every kind of party demands a different location but at the same time distance also matters. We will provide you the best in your choice of location. Keeping in mind all your requirements we provide you with the following-

  • RESORTS When it is a party it has to be in the best place. If your party demands a resort, we have the appropriate for you. We can book the resort as per your requirements. Not only book it but also decorate it according to your instruction. It can be as elaborate as you want. We will make sure that the your party is a great success.
  • PUBS You want to party in a pub? We can provide you the finest in the city. If you let us know your requirements, we can suggest you the pubs matching your guidelines. The place will be booked for you and set to your needs.
  • RESTAURANTS We can provide you with restaurants matching your need of cuisine, drinks, distance, ambiance and space. We can also book the whole restaurant for you and decorate it according to the occasion and your demand. We have with us grand restaurants apt for party purpose and you will appreciate the food and service.
  • PARTY HALLS There are some amazing party halls encompassing within all the requirements of a party. Spacious, stage, room for catering etc. These party halls can also be booked by us for you and decorated as per your directions.
  • FARMHOUSE Move out of these traditional norms and party in a farm house. Yes, we have access to that too. Let us know if you plan to party in a farmhouse and we will book it for you. About the rest i.e. the food, ambiance etc. We will take care of that.

If you are looking caterers for your party, eveningflavors is one stop solution. We have with us top caterers of the city, who can sizzle your party by serving some of the amazing dishes to your guest. A grand party with good food = success.


Provide your guests something different to drink. Difference can be blended in your drink only by a bartender. We have with a host of amazing bartenders who can really make your party the talk of the town. Apart from the classical style of bartending they also have their expertise in Flair bartending. The bartenders will make sure that they serve you the best chemistry of drinks possible. If you want you add the X factor to your party, let us know, we will appoint a bartender who will enthrall your guests.

  • DJ

Good music in a party is like icing on the cake. Won't you like your guests to dance, drink and drool in the party? We have with us the best Dj's of the town. We can provide you a Dj according to your choice of music. Be it House, Hip Hop, Trance or R&B, we have Djs who specialize in each one of these.


What exactly does it take to make your party talk of the town? We know the answer and are ready to provide you exactly the things which are needed to add the x factor. Here is the list -

  • MAGICIAN In a party, nothing is dedicated to children. So, do something for them. How about a magician? We can provide you with a magician who will enthrall not only the tiny tots but the rest of the crowd.
  • TATOO Add fun to your party, get a tattoo artist. We can provide you one. He is a specialist in tattoo designs and will impress your guests with his skills.
  • TAROT CARD READER One thing which has always interested people is to know about their future and now Tarot cards are in trend. If you want to include tarot card reading in your party then let us know. We know few experts who can do the job judiciously.
  • MC We have with us experts of this field. They will add spice to your events and give your guest an experience of the lifetime.

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Apart from these if there is anything else you need, we can arrange for that too. Success of your party is our responsibility.